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Our work is deeply rooted in steadfast ecological integrity and guided by the leading biodiversity frameworks.


The land for every project is carefully selected for its potential to offer the greatest possible sustainable gain. But we also put in place the resources to guarantee our projects deliver more than just uplifts in local biodiversity. 

To meet our core project criteria, and to assess our wider impact, we measure the potential for carbon sequestration, water quality regulation, air quality regulation, and community enrichment.

Science-led Ecological Integrity 

Our highly trained ecologists have an enormous wealth of field experience; at least 80% of them hold a PhD or master’s degree in ecology. By employing leading experts and utilising the latest innovative technologies, we can collect the highest quality data possible. 

We monitor the technical performance of our projects throughout their lifetime using advanced techniques and technologies. This discipline allows us to rapidly identify and address the need for any corrective action, and clearly demonstrate tangible, quantifiable impacts. 

Framework-driven Project Delivery

We undertake all responsibility for habitat creation and management, capital works and infrastructure, reporting and monitoring, and land lease payments. Each project is forward funded to secure effective delivery for the long term – accounting for inflation, legal costs, administration fees, and contingency planning. 

Our projects are underpinned by the same principles that apply to the statutory framework for Biodiversity Net Gain in England, successfully ensuring that appropriate legal and financial mechanisms are in place to secure the committed outcomes. Our project partners can rest assured that no matter what the circumstances, our commitments will be met. 

Community-enriching Principles 

We consider the potential for increased employment opportunities, enhanced access to nature, boosted rural economies, and equitable economic outcomes. All of this is completed through public consultation in line with FIPC and carried out in close collaboration with regional experts. 

We upskill and empower local professionals and land managers connected to the site, providing training courses and other resources to ensure our local partners can deliver our projects to the highest standards. 

Our partnerships are priced to reflect the quality of our projects and to ensure landowners are paid responsibly. We made a conscious choice to lease rather than purchase land to uplift local rural communities rather than displace them. Offering guaranteed income for at least three decades, we are safeguarding livelihoods and providing meaningful, long-term financial security for many. 

Monitoring, reporting and verification

To align with multiple biodiversity credit methodologies and to seamlessly integrate with nature framework mechanisms, such as TNFD and SBTN, the project will be carried out using the most rigorous monitoring, reporting, and independent third-party verification standards.

All data will be evidenced and analysed by leading local ecological experts and regularly audited by third parties capturing the wider social and natural capital benefits of the project.

All data will be presented through innovative and customisable dashboards, demonstrating the impact the project is making throughout its lifetime.

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