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With global biodiversity declining at a faster rate than at any time in human history, our ecosystems are in a state of crisis. The World Economic Forum estimates over 50% of global GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature, meaning the very survival of businesses is under threat.


The consequences of biodiversity loss pose more than a mere financial liability. Around the world, businesses are now undergoing rising pressure to disclose their dependencies and impacts on biodiversity, with voluntary frameworks becoming increasingly mandated worldwide.

Significant impact is already being seen throughout every stage of the supply chain, adversely affecting business operations across all industries globally. No business can avoid the ramifications of biodiversity loss unless they act now.

To become truly nature positive, businesses must go beyond simply reducing further impact, but also invest in restoring biodiversity already lost.


Nature Shares

Nature Shares offer a high-integrity solution that provides businesses with a mechanism to achieve their nature positive targets, making meaningful and legitimate actions that net measurable, nature-positive outcomes.



Our projects holistically deliver impactful uplifts for biodiversity and natural capital in a way that can tangibly be quantified for stakeholders. They also provide a measurable social impact, including improving job opportunities, boosting rural economies, offering better access to nature, and providing equitable economic outcomes for all.

  • Fully funded, landscape-scale nature recovery projects
  • Innovative science-based monitoring and reporting strategies
  • Tangible and demonstrable outcomes for nature and communities
  • Underpinned by robust ecological methodologies and statutory frameworks

Our methodology incorporates a range of tools, such as:


To measure habitat extent and structure – with lidar data accurate to 3cm.


To monitor fungi, soil invertebrates, and ground invertebrates – including pollinators.

Camera Traps

To track aquatic mammals – including otters, beavers, and water voles.

Machine learning algorithms

To verify plants and reduce subjectivity – vital for managing diseases and invasive species.


To track breeding and wintering birds – including curlews, nightingales, and turtle doves.

Taking a share in tangible gains for nature

We provide the essential biodiversity data to demonstrate effective nature positive actions to satisfy all stakeholders.

Project partners will be given access to a sophisticated data platform, complete with science-based reporting tools, alongside comprehensive annual reports for 30 years – tracking positive outcomes for nature, the wider environment, and local communities for its lifetime.

We will display current data, live visuals, and audio feeds to bring the project to life (accessible from anywhere in the world) and user settings can be easily tailored for a range of internal and external audiences with varying levels of understanding — this will provide valuable evidence for corporate reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Offering businesses an immediate competitive advantage – satisfying stakeholder demand and mitigating nature-related financial risk.

As global awareness about environmental degradation increases, there's growing demand for action with a finite number of quality projects available for investment – so early investment offers a strategic advantage. 

  • Mitigate business exposure to financial risks associated with climate change 
  • Hedge against future regulatory constraints, saving significant compliance costs in future
  • Dramatically enhance brand credibility, making it more appealing to eco-conscious stakeholders. 
  • Take credit for the biodiversity uplifts and natural capital outputs attributed to your share of the project
  • Engage local communities with enriching educational outreach schemes and ESG programmes

Become a project partner

Become a project partner or find out more about investing in nature through Nature Shares