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Advancing a new mechanism for nature recovery

Partnership at Climate Week New York and World Biodiversity Summit

With over 6,500 acres of habitat creation underway, we are rapidly combating biodiversity loss through privately funded nature recovery.

Our landscape-scale nature recovery projects generate high-integrity Biodiversity Net Gain Units and Nature Shares that ensure the effective implementation of biodiversity net gain legislation and corporate natural capital markets.

Green Landscape - Habitat Bank Creation

Habitat Bank Creation

Diversify your income and create amazing spaces for nature with a fully funded co-created Habitat Bank.

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Green Landscape with Vibrant Flora Under Blue Sky

Biodiversity Net Gain Units

High-integrity local Biodiversity Units that satisfy stringent biodiversity net gain planning requirements.

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Expansive Green Landscape on Biodiversity Credits Page

Nature Shares

World-leading restoration projects carried out with the highest standards of ecological practice, enabling businesses to take a share in nature recovery.

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Panel discussion: Harnessing Off-Site Biodiversity Units: The Key to a Successful BNG Strategy

As the BNG market finally starts to unfold, it’s clear that delivering BNG entirely on-site isn’t an option in most cases. Join the leading experts to explore off-site biodiversity units, understand how to incorporate them into your development strategy, look at what’s available, how it works, and how it can be effective. 

With speakers including Alexa Culver, Lloyd Collins, Angus Walker -from BDB Pitmans, Anna Rose from Local Government Association, Rachel Danemann from Home Builders Federation, Joseph Dance from Tyler Grange and Rico Wojtulewicz from National Federation of Builders.

Our latest videos

Biodiversity equity shares - nature doesn't need to wait
Richard Pendlebury, Landowner and Farmer, Discussing Bolton Habitat Bank Creation
Bolton Habitat Bank Creation case study
Devon Habitat Bank Creation Case Study - Two People Near Pond
Devon Habitat Bank Creation Case Study
David Hill CBE Discussing Biodiversity Urgency
Urgency for biodiversity
Image of James Cross for video content
Delivering sustainable development