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Meet the team

Environment Bank is led by our Founder, Professor David Hill CBE, and our CEO, Catherine Spitzer, in partnership with our funder, Gresham House PLC.

With an enormous wealth of expertise across a diverse range of disciplines – including ecology, legal, business, finance, technology, infrastructure, data analytics, geographic information systems and mapping – everyone at Environment Bank plays a vital role in delivering our vision.

We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. For more information please visit our careers page.

Prof. David Hill CBE

Founder & Chairman

Catherine Spitzer

Chief Executive Officer

Emma Toovey

Chief Ecology Officer

Luke Bigwood

Chief Marketing Officer

Ruth Murray

Gresham House PLC

Peter Bachmann

Gresham House PLC

Alexa Culver

General Counsel

Tom Brown

Land Director

Tom Mason

Estates Director

Tom Rothero

Associate Director (Ecology)

Fraser Rutherford

Head of Marketing

Adila Butt

Head of People

George Offer

Principal Geospatial Analyst

Rob Wreglesworth

Associate Ecologist (Innovation)

Tanya Casey

Finance Controller

Beth Baskerville


Sophie Moy, Associate Ecologist for Environment Bank

Sophie Moy

Associate Ecologist

Louise Martland

Associate Ecologist

Sue Charlton

Associate Ecologist

Belinda Wheeler

Associate Ecologist

Sophie Watts

Senior Data Analyst

Hannah Tracey

Principal Ecologist (South West)

Lynsey Crellin

Principal Ecologist (North)

Fleur Wilson

Principal Ecologist (North)

Lausanne Jenkins, Senior Ecologist (North) for Environment Bank

Lausanne Jenkins

Principal Ecologist (North)

Tara Sexton

Geospatial Data Analyst

Hannah Gow

Geospatial Data Analyst

Rachel Lewis

Senior Ecologist Team Lead

Ellen Fake

Senior Land Manager (South)

Melissa Lubbock

Land Manager (East Anglia)

Poppy Mullard, Land Coordinator (South West) for Environment Bank

Poppy Mullard

Land Manager (South West)

Anne Gray

Land Manager (North)

Elizabeth Dalby

Land Manager (North)

Cameron Chester

Senior Ecologist (North)

Ellen McDouall

Senior Ecologist (South West)

Mike Waller

Senior Ecologist (South West)

Catherine Ashdown

Senior Ecologist (North)

Kate Lewis

Senior Ecologist (South East)

Sam Knowles

Ecologist (South East)

Thomas Dodds

Ecologist (North)

Annie Green

Ecologist (South West)

Alex Powell

Ecologist (South West)

Abi Matthews

Management Accountant

Ellery Powell

Content Manager

Alice Rose, Marketing Executive for Environment Bank

Alice Rose

Campaign Lead

Rachel Campbell

Graphic Designer