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To meet the national demand for Biodiversity Units, our network of Habitat Banks is expanding at a rapid pace.


Our high-quality, landscape-scale nature restoration sites are strategically located in areas of ecological importance around England. They are designed in collaboration with the respective local stakeholders to ensure they contribute to broader network recovery.

We are well on our way to establishing a Habitat Bank in every local planning authority area to provide local access to Biodiversity Units. This ensures that the social and environmental benefits of biodiversity net gain remain close to where the development is happening and minimises the need for cross-boundary selling or statutory credits.

Our sites include a mosaic of habitats appropriate to the surrounding environment, including grassland, woodland, wetland, and river corridors. This ensures that common off-site development biodiversity requirements are met while also supporting the local nature recovery strategies.


Our coverage

Our Habitat Bank network is expanding at a rapid pace to meet national biodiversity net gain requirement, please contact our team for up to date coverage.

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