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What is a Habitat Bank?

How large does a Habitat Bank need to be?

A Habitat Bank is a parcel of land where we can create a significant uplift in biodiversity. They are typically upwards of 20 hectares in size, but in some areas of the country they can be much less, and a Habitat Bank can incorporate multiple smaller parcels of land across one site.


What type of habitat could I create?

We will work with you to establish habitats that works for you and your land operations and which fundamentally creates the best outcomes for nature in your location. Typically, we look to create species-rich grassland, woodland, wetland, mixed scrub or rewilding sites on low-yielding land where this is a significant opportunity for biodiversity uplift.



How do you guarantee biodiversity uplift?

We have a team of leading ecologists at Environment Bank. They will work with you to create a Habitat Management Plan to ensure the required uplift. They will then provide full and structured support throughout the entire term with all costs covered. The liability of creating the Habitat Bank sits with the Environment Bank, so there is no risk to you, the landowner.


Who will create and manage the Habitat Bank?

Typically, we look to contract the management of the Habitat Bank back to you, the landowner, which makes up part of the payments, and this is fully supported by our team of ecologists throughout the full term. Third parties can be used, which would need to be integrated into the Habitat Management Plan.



Why does a Habitat Bank contract need to be 30 years?

This is a legal requirement as set out in the Environment Act 2021 and ensures that the habitat is fully established, creating long-term benefits to nature.


How are Habitat Banks funded?

Environment Bank is fully funded, meaning that we can guarantee lease and management payments immediately and cover all costs for establishing and managing the Habitat Bank, extending to legal and tax advice where appropriate. Environment Bank can then raise Biodiversity Units against the biodiversity uplift, which organisations can purchase to meet their biodiversity net gain requirements.


Where are you looking to establish Habitat Banks?

We seek to create a nationwide network of Habitat Banks across England, with 3–4 in each local planning authority. This can fluctuate depending on the demand for Biodiversity Units which are raised against the land on biodiversity uplift.


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