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We are fully funding large scale environmental projects to restore crucial biodiversity loss across the UK.


How it works

By leasing parcels of your land, typically totalling upwards of 20 hectares to the Environment Bank, we will co-create a biologically diverse Habitat Bank that will play a key role in safeguarding nature and addressing the crucial biodiversity loss across the UK. To make sure our Habitat Banks don't impact our national farming requirements, we usually look to utilise marginal or low yielding land.

Together we will create a habitat management plan that works for your business and/or farming operations, which we will then contract back to you to deliver with all the support needed from our leading ecologists.


Retained ownership

We only take a lease interest in your land, so you retain ownership. We tailor the plans to suit your existing land management strategy and sources of funding, as well as ensure the most tax-efficient solution. We'll help ensure you benefit from current and emerging agricultural schemes while maintaining income from other business activities too.


Guaranteed payments

You'll receive an onboarding fee, your first year's rent upfront, then annual payments that increase with inflation for the 30 year term. Depending on the type of habitat created and its location, you can earn over £27,000 per hectare.

Your project is fully funded and we cover all costs for establishing and managing the habitat bank, extending to legal fees, and financial and tax advice. Payments will start as soon as the lease is agreed, and all liability sits with us.

Our goal is to establish a network of habitat banks in every area of the country and we are well on our way. We are committed to restoring biodiversity and are looking for more like-minded landowners to co-create these crucial habitats to write a better future for our planet. 


Get started

To enable our team to undertake an initial review of the type of habitat we could create and the potential income you could expect, please register your land to get started.

If at this stage you would simply like to know if your land is in a target area, please complete the form below.


Find out the habitat options for your land and the income you could generate by registering your land or calling our team on 01904 202 990.