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Through our expanding network of Habitat Banks, we’ve launched BNG Units, a pioneering solution that enables developers to fulfil their biodiversity net gain requirements in a single transaction.


With over 2500 off-site BNG Units already generated across England, we're well on our way to providing national local coverage ahead of the biodiversity net gain transition period ending this November.

BNG Units provide a robust and easy to transact solution that meets planning obligations, removes all liability, maximises developable area with minimal ecological impact, and helps provide project certainty from day one.


BNG Units – the best outcomes for nature

We are establishing a network of Habitat Banks across the UK, at least one in each LPA to raise BNG Units. Strategically placed to create the best possible outcomes for nature – adjacent to pre-existing wildlife corridors and critical ecological networks – our Habitat Banks comprise of a mosaic of high-quality habitats including species-rich meadows, woodlands and wetlands, all designed to restore and protect nature for generations to come.


No risk or liability

Critically, once the BNG Units are drawn down and the related biodiversity condition discharged, all the liability for BNG mitigation is passed to Environment Bank, you can walk away. We undertake all the monitoring and reporting and ensure complete peace of mind for the full 30 year term. Any issues which may arise, will be the sole responsibility of Environment Bank and not the developer.


Compliance and Auditability

BNG Units are legally compliant and auditable with both the Environment Act 2021 and the NPPF. All Habitat Banks are fully funded and secured, and we liaise with and provide all relevant documentation to the appropriate LPA. We have a dedicated in-house team to manage the entire process so you don't have to.


Early BNG engagement

With nationwide availability of BNG Units, we can enable early engagement in the planning process, providing all the information you need to know. This provides a smooth and cost-effective transition through the mitigation hierarchy while ensuring scheme viability through the effective use of development land.

To get started on a development project, please complete our BNG Unit request form.

Meet your off-site BNG requirements

Under the Environment Act 2021, all developments in England must deliver a minimum of 10% uplift in biodiversity to meet planning requirements. Complete our BNG Units Request form to find out the options and costs of BNG Units to support your current and future development projects.