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Statement from Professor David Hill CBE

In a statement Professor Hill said;

“I am delighted to see the Environment Bill enacted, particularly the mandate for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) on all new developments, an issue I pioneered and have campaigned for over many years.

It is, however, vital that the policy framework that underpins the Environment Act contains good governance mechanisms. It must be robust and of the very highest standards across the board, as well as applicable to all development and infrastructure projects – so that BNG can be measured realistically and in line with the ambition of the Act.

Without such governance, there is a genuine risk the Act will fail.

It is critically important that local and national government does not distort the market for providing biodiversity restoration linked to development needs. The private sector is able and willing to deliver nature restoration at scale and the government needs to ensure a level playing field by not distorting the market.”

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