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Meet our Marketing Manager – Fraser

Full name and job title

Fraser Rutherford, Marketing Manager

How long have you worked at The Environment Bank?

Well into my first month, already feel like I’ve been here forever – in a very good way!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

It is fresh, exciting, and ambitious, there is a real drive right across the team, which is incredibly refreshing – I love working in this type of environment….And my colleague Steph, telling us how it is!



What attracted you to work at The Environment Bank?

The sector. I had an eye on the jobs market, but I was by no means looking to move. Still, when I saw a job in a sector gathering such momentum and fundamentally about making the planet a better place, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I must point out that I did leave it until 10 minutes before the deadline before dropping my CV, I was very surprised to get the call.

How is your work – and the work of The Environment Bank – making a difference?

EB is only going to reach its potential if people hear about the work we are doing, these audieces are in very different sectors, so this makes my job four times more complicated. Each sector will need a very different approach to grab attention and tell our story; hopefully, I can access these sectors effectively. I also have a real passion for brand development; we have just signed off our new brand to be released very soon, it’s super slick and I can’t wait to drive it forwards, leading the industry.

How can EB make a difference?

I think it all comes down to making BNG commercially visible. What we do is self-supporting, which means we can commit to changing the world we live in and sustain this change. And the benefits run deep, we will be driving vast amounts of investment into local economies, and the output is a better environment to live in – as James our CEO would say, it’s a win-win!

The Environment Bank’s purpose is to secure the long-term future of the planet. How are you supporting that aim through your job?

I want the business to be successful and be a part of it; that success will be one of many elements that will secure the planet’s future. We are at a crux in the environment, and I believe we will overcome the hurdles through science, new ways of doing things, and eventually, everything – what EB is doing is a perfect example!



Who or what inspires you?

I’m not sure I’m driven this way. I want to give my family what they need, have weekends packed with adventure, and then spend the rest of the time hitting the waves. Having a good job that I enjoy and that I’m proud of is a huge part of making this possible at every level – that’s enough to get me out of bed every morning.

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