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Nature Credits are designed to make restorative investment in biodiversity and natural ecosystems second nature to companies seeking to put positive natural impact at the heart of their ESG DNA.


Nature Credits provide a key simple-to-execute mechanism to extend your sustainability journey. They enable you to go far beyond your goals and give back to the nature and communities on your doorstep through nature restoration.

To that end, Environment Bank are already transforming thousands of acres of UK landscape to protect and restore nature at scale. These Habitat Banks provide the bedrock of our Nature Credits solution.

Fully funded through sustainable investment, our Habitat Banks are of the highest quality and are strategically positioned to make space to restore and protect nature, improve landscape quality, and rebuild vital ecosystem services.


Integrity and Accountability

Habitat Banks represent the physical and material integrity that underwrites every Nature Credit we issue. The quality of their ecological ambition, location, design and generation is critical to secure the value and veracity of the Nature Credits they propagate.

Everything is left to Nature – but nothing is left to chance. Every Habitat Bank and the associated Nature Credits are overseen a dedicated team of leading ecologists and business professionals.

Each Nature Credit, equivalent to one acre of nature recovery for 30 years, directly correlates to a specified volume of “Biodiversity Units” as measured through the government backed DEFRA Metric. Adopting this mechanism gives absolute transparency and auditability that your investment delivers tangible and measurable benefits for nature.


Get started with Nature Credits

For more information on how you can place nature at the heart of your ESG strategy and drive positive change for generations to come, please get in touch with our team.