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Landowners Q&As

What are the legal and tax implications of establishing a Habitat Bank on my land?

What tax consequences are there to opening a Habitat Bank with Environment Bank?

Our Farm Business Tenancies are designed to preserve the agricultural character of your land for inheritance tax purposes. There is no capital gains tax liability on the grant of the lease, as typically only rent (and no premiums) are paid. Rents and management payments would be taxable as income to you individually, or as farm business partnerships, or as incorporated companies as standard.


Do I need planning permission for a Habitat Bank?

It’s unlikely, we anticipate that the creation of most habitats will not involve a significant change in the appearance or use of the land and any necessary application for planning permission will be Environment Bank’s responsibility.



I have a public right of way or access across my land, will this be an issue?

No, there will be no need to make changes to existing public rights of way and it will be incorporated into the Management Plan.


What if my land is tenanted?

You have two options. You can reach an agreement with your tenant to secure vacant possession of the land, or agree with the tenant that the lease will be granted by the tenant to Environment Bank.


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