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Diversify your business with Habitat Bank creation

Environment Bank, is currently working with a range of landowners, farmers and estate managers across England to create amazing places for nature on their land and generate a welcome additional income stream. Its habitat creation is happening at quite a pace – there are already 20 sites underway, with a further 60 scheduled to commence over the year ahead.

By leasing parcels of land to the Environment Bank, we will co-create a Habitat Bank that will play a key role in safeguarding nature and addressing the crucial biodiversity loss across the UK. To ensure our Habitat Banks don't impact national farming requirements, we typically look to utilise low yielding land totalling upwards of 20 hectares. And we only take a lease interest in your land, so you retain ownership.

Environment Bank can then raise BNG Units on biodiversity uplift which they can use to help organisations meet their Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) requirements, removing all risk and long-term liability from the landowner often associated with other BNG schemes.



Habitat management plan

To ensure the best outcomes for nature and for you the landowner, together we will create a habitat management plan that works for your business and/or farming operations, which we will then contract back to you to deliver. Our leading ecologists will provide structured support for the full term and we'll help ensure you benefit from current and emerging agricultural schemes while maintaining income from other business activities too.


Secure income

We cover all habitat creation costs and your legal fees, and because we are fully funded, we guarantee long-term, secure annual payments that start as soon as the lease is signed. Depending on the type of habitat created and its location, you can earn over £27,000 per hectare with all monies due under the lease secured at day one. Payments increase annually, we include a welcome bonus, and you can even take the lease payments as a lump sum at year five providing a significant capital injection into the business.


Get started

We've made it really easy to get started, simply register your land and we will then be in touch to talk through your options and the income you could generate. You can be up and running within as little as 20 weeks from start to finish.


Register your land

There is no obligation here, it’s just the best place to start. By providing details of your land our ecology team will be able to undertake an online review of your site to provide potential habitat options and the income you could generate.

Register your land


Site walkover

Our ecologists will visit you in person to assess your land in detail. They will talk through all the habitat options including payments, what the management plan might look like and how it would work with your current business operations and sources of funding.



We'll agree the lease and the Habitat Management Plan, and work through all the legal, tax and accounting documentation of which we cover all costs. We'll provide support at every step to make sure the Habitat Bank creates the best outcomes for you and for nature.



Receive your first annual payment up front, all lease payments for the 30 years if you choose, and a welcome to EB bonus. Species-rich grassland, woodland, rewilding sites or wetland – we'll work together to create an amazing space to restore nature.

To get started, register your land


Find out the habitat options for your land and the income you could generate by registering your land or calling our team on 01904 202 990.