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6th July 2022, 3:30 - 4:14 (GMT)

Diversifying or leasing your land to create Habitat Banks webinar

We know that biodiversity net gains provide a significant opportunity for landowners to diversify their business, but how much can be earnt and how do you mitigate the risk?

In their latest agricultural webinar, Shakespeare Martineau were joined by Alexa Culver, General Counsel and Rob Wreglesworth, Principle Ecologist. This webinar explored:

  • The legal considerations when establishing a Habitat Bank and entering into conservation covenants.

  • What the farm might look like from a legal perspective if you establish a Habitat Bank.

  • What is a Habitat Bank and what are the management requirements?

  • What are the commercial benefits of habitat creation?

  • How would a Habitat Bank work alongside current business/farming operations and sources of funding?

  • Can Habitat Banks help achieve net-zero targets?

  • How land agents can benefit from the Environment Bank model?

  • The key tax implications for creating a Habitat Bank.


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