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Nature Shares webinar 02


Buying into Biodiversity: High-integrity nature projects for business resilience and sustainability


Investing in high-integrity nature projects that strengthen your businesses supply chain and/or function is vital to meeting sustainability targets, mitigating risks, and building a more resilient business and a more sustainable future.

Join KPMG, Volvo, The Biodiversity Consultancy, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as we delve into the transformative potential of high-integrity nature projects for your organisation. Through real supply chain examples and expert insights, we'll navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in such investments. Explore a restoration project in progress and learn about the monitoring processes involved to ensure outcomes are verified and reportable, avoiding any greenwashing risks. 

Discover how these investments can not only benefit your business but also align with key frameworks such as the TNFD and the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, propelling us towards a nature positive and resilient future.