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Watch on-demand: Building a nature-positive business strategy



Building a nature-positive business strategy: Measuring impacts, reducing risks and taking action

Webinar Overview

The impact of the biodiversity crisis on businesses worldwide becomes clearer every day. With ambitious global targets, forthcoming disclosure requirements, and emerging compliance frameworks being put in place to tackle the issue, there’s a strategic advantage to developing a comprehensive nature strategy for business sustainability early.

Businesses face increasing pressure to monitor and disclose their nature-related risks and impacts – through stakeholder demand as well as mandatory and voluntary frameworks, such as TNFD. This means getting to grips with nature-related risks and impacts throughout the supply chain, working to reduce them as much as possible.

Once we’ve measured the harm, and taken steps to reduce it, we have to heal the damage already done. But it can be difficult to know where to begin (and avoid taking action that causes more harm than good).