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Buying into Biodiversity - Webinar: 6th June 2024

WEBINAR: THURSDAY 6TH JUNE / 11:00 – 12:00 (BST)

Buying into Biodiversity: High-integrity nature projects for business resilience and sustainability

With more than half of global GDP dependent on nature, the urgency to address biodiversity loss is paramount. As businesses face increasing risks from environmental degradation, proactive investment in biodiversity projects emerges as a crucial strategy for risk mitigation, while providing an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking businesses.



Naomi Kerbel

Naomi Kerbel


Sarah Nelson

Global Lead – Nature
and Biodiversity

Owain Griffiths

Owain Griffiths

Head of Circular Economy
and Biodiversity
Volvo Cars

Edward Pollard

The Biodiversity Consultancy

Peter Beare

Nature-Based Solutions

Emma Toovey

Chief Ecology Officer
Environment Bank

Investing in high-integrity nature projects that strengthen your businesses supply chain and/or function is vital to meeting sustainability targets, mitigating risks, and building a more resilient business and a more sustainable future.

Join KPMG, The Biodiversity Consultancy, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as we delve into the transformative potential of high-integrity nature projects for your organisation. Through real supply chain examples and expert insights, we'll navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in such investments. Explore a restoration project in progress and learn about the monitoring processes involved to ensure outcomes are verified and reportable, avoiding any greenwashing risks. 

Discover how these investments can not only benefit your business but also align with key frameworks such as the TNFD and the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, propelling us towards a nature positive and resilient future.


What we’ll cover:

High-integrity projects: what to look for

-              Key criteria for selecting impactful biodiversity projects

Nature projects: differentiating use cases

-              Addressing supply chain risks vs. beyond supply chain philanthropy

Real-world examples

-              How strategic investment in biodiversity can secure supply chain resilience and create a significant competitive advantage

Risks, costs, and time: mitigating challenges

-              How partnering with experts can help you overcome barriers to success

The role of biodiversity credits

-              Understanding their role and proper usage in achieving nature-positive goals

Alignment with key frameworks

-              Ensuring projects align with emerging nature frameworks


Who might be interested:

We are inviting professionals across the corporate responsibility, natural capital, and business sustainability sectors – including consultants and advisors – to join us.

This could include sustainability directors, sustainability consultants, natural capital consultants, sustainability officers, environmental policy consultants, sustainability managers, sustainable impact investors, corporate responsibility executives, ESG managers, heads of supply chains, biodiversity specialists, and sustainability communications officers.

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