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Not isolated pockets of biodiversity, our large-scale recovery sites are part of broader, interconnected systems of restoration – creating wildlife corridors that give key species vital opportunities to travel, interact, and build abundance.


By connecting areas of ecological significance, we employ the core principles for creating high-integrity ecological networks – making them bigger, better, and more joined up.

Our pioneering projects are fully planned and funded and are generating Biodiversity Credits. After identifying the enormous potential for significant long-term biodiversity uplift on a vast scale, we have secured groundbreaking nature restoration projects in excess of 1,200 acres of land.

We are already looking to launch further projects in the UK and internationally and are keen to harness our ecological expertise and secure sites that will satisfy the unique needs of businesses becoming nature positive.



Robust monitoring and reporting

Using innovative technologies and robust scientific techniques, our team of data analysts closely monitor the progress of each site – gathering vital data that demonstrates positive outcomes for nature, the wider environment, and local communities.

Our data provides valuable evidence for corporate reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, aptly demonstrating quantifiable nature positive impacts to stakeholders such as customers, investors, and regulators.

Nature recovery sites offer an ideal space to engage the local community with enriching outreach projects, providing memorable experiences that demonstrate the value of habitat creation and regenerative land management. This could include inspirational educational programmes, giving students valuable context for meaningful solutions to biodiversity loss and climate change in their local area.

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Our high-integrity Biodiversity Credits enable businesses to meet their nature positive goals